Our Family Pets

Our First Lovebird
1992 - 2011

She passed away October 18, 2011

Sammie's sister and our second Fischer
She was a very gentle bird

Kenya (top) and Safiya
We hand raised this camera shy pair.  Kenya was constantly competing with Sammie to be the top bird.

Safiya on the perch was not supposed to live and now is our only remaining Fischer

Safiya passed away November 20, 2011. He was our last Lovebird,

Sammie and Toni being "Lovebirds"

"The Old Man of the house"

He passed away quietly in his dog house.  A wonderful hard hunter.

Maxx's son and part two of the "hunting team"

And now "The Old Man of the house"

Passed away quietly in his kennel


"Buster"  our new Boykin Spaniel

born September 2, 2011  

Growing up!

Guarding our Patio at 18 weeks

At the Property


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